Paul haed shot      As wise one once told me, “Humility is the willingness to do the job that is uniquely yours to do.” Since then, I discovered that this task, so uniquely mine to do, is the expression of God’s Gift flowing through me into our world. Now, if I don’t do this task, the mystery associated with my Gift and all of its mysterious workings, will just not appear in our universe. All of the training , all of the support and encouragement from others, all of my suffering will not have born the Fruit of Realization, which for me, has to be shared with others. In other words – no graduation. Very poignantly, my mother told me, “Don’t pass out of this life having never sung your song.”

So, this album for me personally is the manifestation of my breakthrough. It took me 33 years and 15 days to produce this work. In all honesty, this was probably the most difficult task that I have ever done in my life. What a paradox, because I have the technical skills; I have the equipment; I have the place to do it. I had all that I needed for the task for many, many years, but, I still couldn’t do it. I tried and tried and failed again and again to actually do this work that is uniquely mine to do.

Since it was never a matter of not having the ability or the resources, knowing that, was always in part, the most painful aspect of each failed attempt. I didn’t fail because I couldn’t do it. I failed because I couldn’t find the volition: the force of will to carry my identity through into action. The truth is, I had to forge in the crucible of humility a new identity, that of a self-produced artist that doesn’t require others to push me, guide me, or be there with me in order to get the Work done.
In meditation, the Father told me that if I would try again, He would share His volition with me and I would breakthrough. So I did try again, and this time, I broke through. The Father was true to His Word, and I did, and still do feel the power of His Volition working with me and through me.

Although this is a beautiful piece of music, for me it’s much more about this work being a tool for breaking through the paradigm of limitations.

So this is my prayer for you: that whatever it is you’ve been thinking about doing, year after year and still haven’t done, that mystery of your Gift that’s ready to show itself to the universe, that this tool will assist you in the process of birthing your Gift into the world.

It worked for me, and now through God’s grace I can share it with you.

May you be blessed, be successful, breakthrough your paradigm and transform, and complete the purpose for your life on this plane of existence. Only you and God truly know what that is, and yet the entire universe and all of God’s creatures will rejoice with you when the task is complete.

Kodesh Ha’Shem …..

                                                     Amen, Amen, Amen, and, Amen

Paul Thomas
August 2014

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