Christmas Gift:

My Lord, My King

a live recording/ en vivo

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St. Claus has this song on your gift list!

This song helps me to feel the Ever Present Christ through the remembrance of Joshua and Maria Magdalena. It was a very precious moment.

In Joy….

This year I’m celebrating our Christ birthing the New Universe Olam Ha Ba. I feel deeply that the Universe To Come is a most wondrous new creation that each one of us, right now and every moment in the future, is contributing all that we hold most dearest to the new creation.

NewBakTunes is our way of serving our Father in the completion of the All while living a vision of a Truly Glorious World to Come….

To a truly Merry Christmas!!!              — Paul Thomas

NewBakTunes is really a collective effort.  Paul creates and engineers the music; Mary builds the website, creates the CD graphics, and creates the Karaoke DVDs; Adamu has created the beautiful art that is on the CD covers; and the ShemSu Horus Choir: Elly, Adamu, Gaby, Elias, and Mary provide great backup voices and drums for the music.

But we wouldn’t be a community without all of YOU.
You are the ones we are working for (you and God).
You are the ones receiving the Light of this sacred Music and Art.
You are the ones giving back to us your continuing love and support both by buying and enjoying the music and art.
We are truly grateful to you for your feedback and your willingness to stay in touch with us through our newsletter, and by letting others know about our music, art, and website.

I thank each and every one of you.                                        — Mary Gilbert

May Peace prevail on Earth and in the Hearts and Minds of all People

Que la Paz prevalezca en la Tierra y en los Corazones y Mentes de Todas el Pueblo

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NewBakTunes was born 12/20-21-22/2012 in the Mayan Days Out of Time as we celebrated the birth of a New Age, a New Baktun in Zarahemla Yucatan. All of the Ammi Shaddai felt a New Hope awakening within us that we could live our lives with more Joy and Purpose and Creativity, and really move forward and contribute to our world as we take this wonderful path forward into the Light.

The ambient of Sacred Music and Art is a powerful tool, a Sacred Space that inspires and reminds me to bring in the Light, to speak to God, and to share that vibration with Anku – All Living Things. We All have so much to give. We are the Spiritual Leaven of the Christ.

It is such a great pleasure to share with you my (Paul’s) part of the Great Work. Through the power of God’s volition moving me, Hu MeHash’nei, I have finally been able to break through the paradigm of my limitations and fulfill my heart’s desire, that is to be self actualized and creative for God and for our Family.  We have completted three music CDs in five months –  Beyond All This Plane, HuNab Ku: Master of the Cosmic Heart, and Hinematov Yahveh Rapha.   WeI have also begun to bring forth the Sacred Art and Paul’s best photography in a variety of mediums.

The next step is public concerts with the music and the art and dance where we will share an open ambient of Sacredness and Hope for the Future.

We invite you to join in and be a part of how we’re serving our God and the Divine Hosts….

All of Us at NewBakTunes wishes You

and your Loved Ones


the  most Merry Christmas

y   Feliz Navidad

Countdown 'til Christmas








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